Add Quiz Questions to a Quiz

Using Question Libraries

You can create new questions within a quiz or import from the Question Library. The most effective practice is to create questions in the Question Library. See Use the Question Library to do this.

Before Adding Any Questions to the Quiz

There are two ways to randomize questions. You will have the option to randomize your questions and sections with one checkbox after you add questions to the quiz. However, If you wish to randomize and deliver a subset of questions, such as 10 questions from Chapter 1, 10 questions from Chapter 2, etc., read Randomize Quiz Questions before you import any questions.

Importing Quiz Questions

  1. Click the Add/Edit Questions button from the Properties tab of the test.
    Shows Add/Edit Questions buttonClick a random section if you are randomizing individual groups of questions (i.e. questions grouped by chapter in an exam), rather than the whole quiz.
  2. Click the Import button, and then select Browse Question Library.
    Shows Browse Question Library 
    NOTE: When you import questions from the Question Library, your quiz will contain a copy of the questions, not the original questions.   
  3. Select the quiz questions to include in the import and click the Add button.
    Shows Add button
  4. Click Done Editing Questions in the top right corner of the screen.

Randomizing All Questions 

You will now have the option to randomize your questions and sections with one click.

  1. Check the box entitled: “Shuffle questions at the quiz level.
    This option also shuffles the order of sections existing at the quiz level.
    Indicates the shuffle order checkbox
  2. Enter a value in the Questions per page field to indicate how many questions to display per page.
    NOTE: Limiting the number of questions available at a time is less overwhelming than placing an entire quiz on one page. This also forces students to save their answers as they go.
    You can also choose to prevent users from moving backward through pages once they have left a page of 1 or more questions. 
  3. Once you have made selections, click the Save button. You will notice the shuffle icon now displays next to each question.
    Indicates the shuffle icon