Using the Pager Tool to Send & Receive Messages

The pager is an online messaging tool for sending and receiving text messages to classmates and other members of Brightspace.

Send pages

  1. On the Friends page, do one of the following:
    • Select users from your Friends list and click Message.
      Location of Message link
    • Click on a contact’s name.
  2. Type a Message.
  3. Click Send.

Receiving pages

You will receive and read incoming pager notifications in the Message alert icon on the minibar.

Viewing pager logs

  1. Click a user's name from your Friends tab.
  2. Click View All to view the paging history with that user.
    Location of View All link

Searching and adding users to your Friends list

  1. On the Friends page, click Search Users from the Add Friends button.
    Location of Search Users
  2. You can enter a name in the Search For field, or you can simply click Search to do a blank search.
  3. Select the check boxes beside the users you want to add.
  4. Click Add as Friend.

Adding a pager contact by username

  1. On the Friends page, click Add by Username from the Add Friends button.
    Location of Add by Username
  2. Enter a Username.
  3. Click Add.
Removing pager contacts
  1. On the Friends page, select the check boxes beside the users you want to remove.
  2. Click Remove.