Using the Course Selector

To go from one class to another quickly, choose a course from the course selector. If you have taught more than one semester, you will notice many sections for each course. To determine which course is the correct one for the current semester, look at the course code.

  1.  Click the dropdown next to the course name next to My Home if you are in a course or “Select a Course” if you are on My Home.
    Location of Course Selector
    NOTE: You will see a code after each class made up of numbers and perhaps letters after the Course ID and section; 6 digits-2 digits-4 digits-1 digit-4 digits.
    Demonstration of where to find codeIn the example above, within the 4 digit grouping, the second and third digits are the last number in the
    year (16, 2016). The fourth digit is the month the term begins (1). This code represents Spring 2016, which begins in January (the first month).
  2. Find the code for the semester you need in the list to the right.
  3. You can also pin frequently accessed courses to the top of the course list by selecting the faint pushpin icon to the right of each class in the list. It will turn yellow-orange once clicked.
  4. Click again to deselect the course and unpin it from the top of the list.
    Location of pin for pinning courses