Survey Reports & Statistics

The Survey tool is useful for getting feedback about your course. This information can be used to help improve your course and allows you to keep a record of the students’ opinions or keep them anonymous. One way to summarize your survey data is to create either a survey report or to view the survey statistics.

Create a Survey Report

  1. Go to Assessments > Surveys.
  2. Choose the survey for which you are going to create a report.
  3. Click Reports Setup tab.Identifies the Report Setup tab.
  4. Click Add Report shows the Add Report button.
  5. Shows Release Report To options.Enter a Report Name, choose Report Type, Release date and who you want to Release Report To.Shows Report Type and Release options.
  6. Click Save & Save and Close.

Identifies the Reports option.

View a Survey Report

  1. Click the dropdown next to the survey, choose Reports.
  2. Choose the report you want to view.
  3. Choose the From & To dates for attempts completed.
  4. Click Done.
  5. To view the report, click either Generate CSV Report, (a sample is below.)
    Or click Generate HTML Report (a sample is below).

Identifies Statistics option.View Survey Statistics

  1. Click Statistics in the dropdown next to the survey you choose.
  2. The survey statistics will be displayed.