Giving Students Special Exemptions in a Dropbox

This feature is used to grant one or more students access to your assignments outside of the date/time restrictions set for the rest of the class..

Adding Special AccessIdentifies Restrictions tab

  1. In the Dropbox, Quiz or Survey editor, click on the Restrictions tab.
  2. Identifies Add Users to Special Access buttonScroll down to Special Access and click Add Users to Special Access.
  3. Use the Special Access Properties screen to enter the new dates and/or time limits you wish to grant for the student(s).
    The options available vary depending on which tool you are modifying. (See image below.)   
  4. Select the check box beside each appropriate student's name.
  5. Click Add Special Access.
  6. Click Save or Save and Close.
  7. Identifies the Availability settings.The student will now show in the Advanced Availability section with the Special Access Properties listed next to their name.
    • You can edit or delete any students’ special access by clicking the Edit or Remove icons beside their names.Indicates pencil icon to edit user's special access. 
  8. Review dates and times of the quiz to make sure you have only changed them for the students with special access. 


NOTE: This process can be repeated to give individualized special access to as many students as needed.