Resetting a Quiz Attempt

  1. Click on Assessments on the navbar and choose Quizzes
    screenshot of assessments menu
  2. Click the arrow next to the desired quiz and choose Grade
    screenshot of grade quiz option
  3. If the student’s quiz attempt is currently in progress, in the dropdown box under “Restrict to,” choose “Users who have an attempt in progress.” Then click the magnifying glass to search. (If the attempt in question has already been completed, skip this step.) 
    screenshot of restrict to option
  4. Select the box next to the submission you wish to reset and click the trash can to delete the attempt. 
    screenshot of delete attempts options
  5. Click Save and Close. 
NOTE: You can view the attempt before you decide to delete it by clicking on Attempt #. You can also force the submission by clicking on the impersonate icon: For more instruction see Submitting a Quiz Stuck "In Progress".