Previewing Quizzes

The quiz preview option allows you to test the accuracy of content and grading before you release a quiz. 

In a preview, you can answer the questions, view allowed hints, submit the quiz, auto-grade answers, read feedback, and view report results. 

Preview a Quiz 

  1. From the Assessments menu in the navbar, click Quizzes.
    screenshot of assessments menu
  2. On the Manage Quizzes page, click Preview from the drop-down menu of the quiz you want to preview.
    screenshot of preview quiz option
  3. Clear the Bypass Restrictions check box if you want to view the quiz with user restrictions turned on.
    screenshot of bypass restrictions option on quiz
  4. Click Start Quiz!. 
  5. Preview your quiz. Click Exit Preview in the upper right corner to return to the Manage Quizzes page when done.
    screenshot of exit quiz preview button location
NOTE: If you do not either Exit Preview or Submit the Quiz, you may be blocked from your email by the restriction: Disable pager and alerts. See also If Email says "Not Authorized" for information on the error.
Identifies the Disable pager and alerts advanced property option.