Offsetting Course Dates using the Manage Dates Tool

The Manage Dates tool enables you to view, edit, and offset start and end dates, set the Calendar status, and open course objects in a new window all from one central location. The Manage Dates tool can be used for all of the following: Content topics and modules, Discussion topics and forums, Dropbox folders, Grades categories and items, News items, and Quizzes. 

These course objects display in a grid that you can sort by any of the column headings. You can also filter the grid by a specific tool and use advanced filter options to work with smaller sets of objects. If you filter your course objects, any bulk changes you make apply only to the filtered results. This enables you to update multiple availability dates based on specific criteria. 

Offsetting dates in Manage Dates 

The Manage Dates tool enables you to move start dates and end dates forward or backward by a specified number of days. This function is especially useful when preparing a previous course’s contents for a new semester. 

NOTE: The Offset Dates tool will only work on items with existing dates.  If you select Calculate based on two dates, additional fields will display that allow you to specify which two dates to use.
  1. Enter the course whose dates you want to edit, click Edit Course in the navbar, and then click Manage Dates
  2. Do one of the following:
    • In the context menu for the object you want to edit, click Offset Dates.
      Identifies Offset dates.
    • OR
    • Select the checkboxes beside the objects you want to change and click Offset Dates from the top of the grid. Specify which dates you want to offset.
      Identifies Offset dates.Shows Offset Dates options.
  3. Use the Days dropdown list to specify whether you want to offset the dates forward or backward and enter the number of days you want to offset.

    You can also choose Calculated based on two dates to quickly generate the number of days between two dates. You can enter the beginning of the previous term and then the beginning date of the upcoming term and it will calculate the number of days to go forward.

    Shows the date calculator.

  4. Click Save