Merging Course Sections

The Merge Course Rosters form allows you to combine multiple section rosters into one Brightspace course.

To Merge the Rosters (Classlists)

  1. Go into the course that you wish to use in Brightspace.
  2. In the support widget, click on Course Design > Merge Course Rosters.
  3. In the new window that opens, the first panel will show all your courses; the course and term you are in will be selected. (It will be highlighted in blue.)
    Shows the selected primary course.
  4. The second panel will show you all the secondary courses that are available to merge with that primary course. Click all sections that you want to be merged. 
    NOTE: This process is difficult to reverse so make sure you are choosing the correct sections. If unsure contact LSC-Online staff through VTAC.
    Shows the courses that can be secondary.
  5. The third panel shows you a summary of what you have chosen - which secondary courses will be merged into the primary course.
    • When the merge is performed, the secondary courses will be deleted and any content or student data in them will be lost.
    • If you have any doubts, stop now and look in the email and tools of the secondary course(s).
  6. Click on the Merge Rosters button at the bottom right of the screen to merge your rosters.
    This should only take a few moments but wait until the alert message says the process is complete.
    Alert message:
    Your Request Has Been Submitted!
    You may now close this page and continue working with BrightSpace by D2L.
  7. Close the alert.