Managing Quiz Properties

General Properties

When you create and name your quiz, you can add it to a category, associate it with a grade item and attach rubric criteria. The following options are available under the Properties tab:


Group your quiz under an existing category or create a new category. Categories are useful for organizing quizzes with similar or related content.

Quiz Questions

Click Add/Edit Questions to create quiz questions, sections, information, and to manage other question properties. Once you have added at least one question to your quiz, you can Edit Values to modify points value and difficulty level, and make questions bonus or mandatory.  You can also enter a value in the Questions per page field to indicate how many questions to display per page.


Create a description for a quiz that is not yet available to users. This will display at the top of the quiz start screen.


Display a message to users at the start of a quiz. This will display on the quiz start screen directly above the instructions. It will not display until the quiz is available for students to take.

Page Header/Footer

Add information or instructions to the top or bottom of the quiz page. Change page header and footer visibility by selecting on or off.

Optional Advanced Properties

Allow hints

Allows users to access hints to questions. 

Disable right click 

Prohibits users from copying or printing quiz questions by right-clicking on a question when taking a quiz.

Disable pager and alerts  

Users cannot access the Pager tool or their alerts if they have a quiz attempt in progress.

Notification Email  

The email address or comma-separated list of email addresses specified in this field receive a message each time a user completes a quiz attempt.