Set Up a Formula Grading System

Use the Formula grading system when you want to calculate final grades using a custom formula that allows for conditions. The Formula grading system is based on the points system, but allows you to set conditions around grade items to determine the final grade. For example, you could require that users receive at least 50% on their midterm and final exams to pass a course.

  1. Access the course in Brightspace where you would like to set up the Formula grading system.
  2. Click on Grades on the navbar.
  3. Select Settings.
    Image shows settings link in Grades tool.
  4. Click the Calculation Options tab.
    Image shows calculations options tab.
  5. Select the Formula radio button
    Image shows formula grading system option.
  6. Click Save (You will receive two confirmation requests. Click Yes both times.).
  7. Click Close. (This should bring you back to the Manage Grades page. If not, click Grades > Manage Grades.)
  8. On the Manage Grades page, click the Final Calculated Grade link. 
  9. Enter a value for the Maximum Points field (normally 100).
  10. Click the Edit Using the Formula Editor link to enter a formula.
    Image shows location of formula editor.
  11. Select a Function from the dropdown menu and click Start.
    • Functions include:
      MAX - calculates the maximum of a series of values
      MIN - calculates the minimum
      SUM - adds a series of values
      AVG - calculates the average
      IF - Boolean operator
      NOT - Boolean operator
  12. From the dropdown list, choose a Grade Item to include in your formula and select which associated value you'd like to use:
    • ​Points Received
    • Max Points
    • Percent - Points Received divided by Max Points
  13. Click the Next Term button to include additional grade items. A comma will be inserted to separate items.
  14. Click End to finish the formula.Image shows location of validate and preview buttons.
  15. Optional, but recommended: Click Validate. You will receive an error message
    if the formula is invalid. 
  16. Optional: Click Preview to check how your formula will calculate grades for the first ten students in your course. Click Close when done previewing.
  17. Click Insert to insert the formula into the grade item and close the formula editor box.
NOTE: You can make some manual entries directly in the workspace of the Formula Editor, but it is recommended that you use the keypad and list of grade items and functions provided in Brightspace to create your formula.

  1. Click Save and Close.