Enrolling Multiple Users in a Community Group

Enrolling Multiple Users in a Community Group Using a Text File

Group Managers have the ability to enroll multiple users into a Community Group by importing a text file (.txt or .csv) that includes the users’ Org Defined IDs and assigned Roles in the community.  

  1. On the navbar, choose Communication >> Classlist.
  2. Click the Add Participants button, then choose Import users from a file on your computer.Identifies Import users button.
    1. The format should be “Org Defined ID, Role"Identifies Sample Text File.
  1. Click the Sample Text File to download an example of the correct format for the Org Defined IDs (LSCS Employee ID) and assigned Roles (Group Manager, Faculty, or Student).
    Identifies Choose File button.
  2. Navigate to the text file (.txt or .csv) that contains the required user information. 
  3. Click Import. 
    Identifies Import button.
NOTE: Only existing D2L users can be added using this process. And only Group Managers have this option.