Creating Dropboxes

Create a Dropbox Folder

Students submit their work to a dropbox folder. Instructions you provide in the dropbox folder about evaluation methodology, details about rubric assessments, associations with learning objectives, and clarifications on work expectations appear to users in the "Folder Information" area on the Submit Files page.

  1. On the Dropbox Folders page, click New Folder.
  2. Enter a Name.
    location of New Folder buttonLocation of Name field
  3. Select a Folder Type:
    •  Individual submission folder Select this option if you want each user to have their own submission.
    • Group submission folder Select this option if you want one submission per group. You must associate the folder with a Group Category.
  4. Select from the Category drop-down list if you want to assign a category. You can click the New Category link to create a new category.
    NOTE: Group submission areas are marked on the Dropbox Folders page with the Group Submissions icon. Any group member can submit and view files for a group dropbox folder.
  5. Associate the dropbox folder with a Grade Item if you want submissions tied to an item in your grade book. If you have no grade item, click the New Grade Item link to create a new grade item for the dropbox folder.
  6. Enter a value in the Out Of field for the assignment score.
    Location of Grade Item dropdownlocation of out of field
    IMPORTANT: If you associate the folder with a grade item, maintain consistency and avoid confusion for your students by matching the value of the Out Of field to the grade item's Max. Points value.
  7. Once you associate the dropbox folder with a grade item, you can click Edit Display Settings from the Student View Preview context menu to edit how grades display to students.
  8. Click Add Rubric to associate the dropbox folder with a rubric. Click the Create Rubric in New Window link if you want to create a new rubric. You can also select an existing rubric and set it as the Default Scoring Rubric.
    image of add rubric screen
  9. Add Instructions for users.
  10. To include attachments such as a file, link, or existing activity, see Adding an Attachment to a Dropbox.
  11. Under Submission Options, select the submission options you want:Shows submission options.
  12. Click Save.

Add the Dropbox to Your Content

  1. Go to a module on Content.
  2. Click the Add Existing Activities button.
    Indicates the Add Existing Activities button.
  3. Choose Dropbox.
  4. Choose the specific dropbox that you want to add.
    Shows the specific activity list.