Setting Up Attendance

Create attendance registers to track attendance for your course-based activities, such as a mandatory weekly chat session or optional discussion seminar.

  1. Click Communication on the navbar and choose Attendance.Attendance identified in Communication dropdown list
  2. On the main Attendance page, click New Register.
    New Register button identified on Attendance page
  3. Enter a Name for your register, such as “Attendance.” A description is optional.
    Location to enter Name of new register identified.
  4. Choose System Scheme from the Attendance Scheme drop-down list.
    System Scheme and Cause for Concern fields identified.
  5. Enter a percentage in the Cause for Concern field if you want to see a Cause for Concern icon (warning) beside students' names on the Attendance Data page.
  6. Select the check box to Allow users to view this attendance register.
  7.  Select the students that you want to include in your register. You can choose to include all users or specific groups or sections. Optional.
  8. Add one or more sessions for your register, such as W1.1, W1.2, W2.1, W2.2 for a class meeting twice a week.Session name field identified.
    NOTE: Avoid using dates in your session names to reduce the need for editing each semester.

  9. To add more session fields enter the number of additional fields needed and click Add Sessions.Add session field identified.
  10. Click Save.