Assign the Same Grade to Multiple Students

The following article explains how to simultaneously assign the same grade for multiple students.

  1. Within the course, click Grades > Enter Grades.
  2. Click on the arrow next to a grade item title.
  3. Select Grade All from the drop down menu.
    Image shows grade item context menu.
  4. Make sure all your students are listed on one page.
    Image shows where to change number of records to display.
  5. Click on the Select All checkbox at the top left corner of the student list.
    Image shows location of select all check box.
  6. Deselect the checkboxes next to any students you do not wish to give the common score.
  7. Click on the Grade link above the list of students. A new window pops up.
    Image shows location of grade link.
  8. Enter the common score in the Grade field box. Click Save.
    Image show grade selected dialog box.
  9. Click Save and Close to record the scores in the gradebook.
Note: The process can be repeated as many times as needed by clicking Save and repeating the process with a new selection of students.