Add McGraw-Hill Connect to Your D2L Course

Getting Your Course Set Up with Connect

  1. Optional Setup Step - Create a Sandbox for Content Only
    This sandbox would act as a master course template, since copying sections that have been integrated with McGraw-Hill Connect is not recommended.
  2. Send an email to or start a chat using the VTAC-Live Chat tool.
    • Include a list of the courses, complete with section numbers and terms, in which you wish to use McGraw-Hill Connect.
  3. Copy your sandbox content into your D2L course.

Adding McGraw-Hill Connect Content to Your D2L Course

NOTE: This article assumes that your course has already been built in Connect.
  1. Enter your D2L course.
  2. Click on Content on the navbar.
  3. If you have not already added a Module, create one by typing in the Add A Module area under Table of Contents and hit Enter on your keyboard. 
  4. Choose your new module. Click on the Add Existing Activities button and choose Third Party Integrations
  5. Click on the "McGraw-Hill Campus Gateway Connect" link that appears. 
  6.  You will now see "McGraw-Hill Campus Gateway Connect" has been added as a Third-party  Integration under your Table of Contents.