Adding McGraw-Hill Connect to Your Brightspace Course

Getting Your Course Set Up with Connect

  1. Optional Setup Step - Create a Sandbox for Content Only
    ​This sandbox would act as a master course template, since copying sections that have been integrated with McGraw-Hill Connect is not recommended.
  2. Send an email to or start a chat using the VTAC-Live Chat tool.
    • Include a list of the courses, complete with section numbers and terms, in which you wish to use McGraw-Hill Connect.
  3. Copy your sandbox content into your Brightspace course.

Adding McGraw-Hill Connect Content to Your Brightspace Course

  1. Enter your Brightspace course.
  2. Click on Content on the navbar.
  3. If you have not already added a Module, create one by typing in the Add A Module area under Table of Contents and hit Enter on your keyboard.
    New Module
  4. Choose your new module. Click on the New button and click on Create a File.
    Create a File
  5. Enter "McGraw-Hill Connect" or other appropriate title for this document and a set of instructions for your students.
  6. Click on the Insert Quicklink icon in the toolbar.
  7. Choose External Learning Tool from the first dropdown list.
  8. Choose McGraw-Hill Connect from the second drop-down list.
  9. Insert a caption similar to "McGraw-Hill Quick Connect QuickLink."
  10. Select New Window.
  11. Click Insert.
    Inserting McGraw Hill Quicklink
  12. Click Publish.
    Publish button
  13. Click the link you created.
    Created Link
  14. Determine if you agree to the policy and click Get Started.
    Terms of Use
  15. Enter the author and name of your textbook and click FIND NOW.
    Find Textbook
  16. Once you find your textbook, click SELECT under the listing.
    Select button
  17. When your book appears, click Connect.
    Connect button
  18. Select that you are an existing user.
    Existing User
  19. Log in to your Connect account using your email address and Connect password, then click Submit.
    Connect Login
  20. Click I want this for my students in the upper right.
    For Students
  21. Click Adopt.
    Adopt Connect button
  22. Indicate that you have an existing Connect course.
    Pair Course with Connect
  23. Choose the correct course name, then select the section that corresponds with your Brightspace course.
  24. You will need to follow these steps for each section. Once a section is paired, you will have single sign on between the two systems and can take advantage of the gradebook sync.