Install D2L Capture

Go through the following steps to install and set up Desire2Learn Capture.

Set Up Presenter Access

Login to D2L and from within a course, go to Course Management > Capture Central.

  • As soon as you access this page, your presenter access is set up.

Download & Install Desire2Learn Capture

Capture is a free download.

  1. Click the appropriate link below to download:
  2. Install and launch the Capture recorder.
  3. Input the following URL for the Capture Server:
    Server text box
    server textbox with URL.
  4. Click Log In and leave the drop-down menu set to LSCS LE.

  5. Click Open Login Page.
  6. Login. (To avoid the MyLonestar timeout, use the Alternate login link below the big yellow login button.)
    Alternate Login

Recording Offline Presentations

  1. Recording an Offline Capture Presentation - Mac
  2. Recording an Offline Capture Presentation - Windows

Publishing a Presentation

Publish a Capture Presentation

Managing Published Presentations and Playlists

Managing Published Capture Presentations and Playlists

More Capture Topics

More Capture Topics