LSC-Online Campus FAQ

As you may know, LSC-Online is changing from an online support entity to a fully-fledged online campus. Dr. Seelpa Keshvala has been named the Executive Vice Chancellor and CEO of this new campus. Dr. Laura McMillion is the Senior Associate Vice Chancellor and Dr. Robert Greene is the Executive Director of Online Instructional Development and Support. Below are frequently asked questions concerning the transition.

General Questions

When will this transition begin?

The LSC-Online Campus will launch in fall 2022. 40 full-time faculty have been hired from current full-time faculty at Lone Star College. The hiring of adjunct faculty will proceed at a later date.

What is the vision for the LSC-Online Campus?

The vision is to offer fully online programs with a guaranteed schedule that would allow students to receive a degree in a two-year period similar to face-to-face. This includes marketing the programs broadly (e.g., out-of-district, out-of-state, etc.) so as to generate even more enrollments for LSC.

Who is the target audience?

We are targeting the fully online learner. LSC-Online has been marketing 30+ programs as fully online for at least a couple of years. We are building guaranteed schedules starting with the highest enrollment programs first -- before adding new ones.

How will you be measuring the success of the LSC-Online Campus?

We will use the same core success metrics currently in place at the campuses. And, we aspire to expand our reach of students to out-of-district, out-of-state, etc. and be the national leader in online education.

What will be the proportion of synchronous to asynchronous courses? 

We will offer asynchronous classes predominantly. However, some synchronous classes are being scheduled.

Will faculty still be able to teach online courses if they are not a part of the LSC-Online Campus? 

Yes, faculty at the campuses can still teach up to two online classes as a part of their teaching load, which was the guideline pre-pandemic.

Will LSC-Online classes have the same enrollment caps as current online classes? 

Yes, they will have the same enrollment caps as current online classes. Right now, our schedule is being built with a 30-student per section cap.

What happens with low-enrollment?

We need to offer a guaranteed schedule and anticipate some low enrollment courses to start. However, we will be working with our sister campuses, too, so as to ensure system-wide efficiencies.

How will students access tutoring services? Will LSC-Online have their own tutors? 

LSC-Online will continue to rely on Brainfuse for tutoring. Currently all online students have been limited to 90 minutes a semester of tutoring. However, in the future, online tutors may be added as the campus continues to grow to ensure student success.

How will library content needs be met for students of the online college?

Students will be supported by the virtual library services found at