Introducing the New Quiz Creation Experience

1) The New Quiz Creation Experience will become the default quiz creation process come Summer 2023.

2) Please refer to Welcome to the New Quiz Creation Experience on the Brightspace Community Site for more details on the changes.

To switch to the New Quiz Creation Experience, please follow the steps below:

  1. From within your D2L Course, navigate to [Course Activities] -> [Quizzes] -> [Manage Quizzes] -> [New Quiz].

  2. Click on the down arrow near the upper right corner of the page, below your settings cogwheel.

  3. You will toggle the new quiz create/edit panel. The panel will show if the new experience is currently on/off. Click on [Turn it on].

  4. You will now be at the New Quiz Creation Screen. Looks familiar? That's because the new quiz creation process now uses the same layout as the Assignment creation experience.

    NOTE: For more detailed info on the new layout and its functions, please refer to Welcome to the New Quiz Creation Experience article on the Brightspace Community Site.

  5. You can always switch it back to the old quiz creation screen by clicking on the Down Arrow again, then click on [Turn it off].