Create Private Discussions for Journaling

Faculty can generate private discussions that allow students to maintain journals only the faculty member and each individual student can read. These discussions auto-create new journals for students that are added to the class after the journals are initially created. 

You can combine the Groups and Discussions tools to create a single discussion topic where threads are filtered by group, so students can keep a course journal you can grade either per entry or over time.

NOTE: After you create and save the topic type, you cannot change it; however, you can delete it.
  1. Go to Collaboration > Groups.
  2. Click the New Category button, and enter a name for the category and add a description.
  3. Click the Enrollment Type drop-down menu, and select Single user, member-specific groups.
  4. Click the Restrict Enrollments To drop-down menu, and select the course to restrict enrollments.
  5. Under Additional Options, select Set up discussion areas.
    Shows Additional Options.
  6. Click the Forum drop-down menu, select the appropriate forum.
  7. Select Create a new topic, and enter a name such as Private Journal.

For more information on how to set up private discussions, please watch the following video.