Create a YuJa Account

TechSmith has retired the Knowmia video platform and will cease supporting it on July 13th. We are excited to announce our new product, Yuja, which provides all the same services as Knowmia as well as some additional features. After an extensive RFP search process, Yuja was unanimously chosen as the replacement product by the RFP committee, consisting of faculty members, OTS representatives, LSC-Online representatives, and a representative from purchasing. The committee found that YuJa was very easy to use.

We are currently working with both TechSmith and YuJa to migrate all of your videos and content from Knowmia into YuJa. Data migration and updating links in courses will be an ongoing process that will cover the summer months. In an effort to ensure that all data is brought over correctly, we are asking that faculty create a new YuJa account by May 31, 2022.

Create Your Yuja Account

  1. Login to D2L.
  2. Open up any one of your courses.
  3. Click the Create YuJa Account link on the Navigation Bar.
    Screenshot of the D2L navbar, showing the Create YuJa Account link.
  4. Wait a few seconds, and you will be redirected to your new YuJa account.
  5. Please close this window and return to D2L as normal. 

Please be advised that your YuJa account will be empty at this time, as we are in the process of working with all parties to migrate the data over as soon as possible.

If you require assistance, please reach out to us at

For more information about the retirement of Knowmia, see Knowmia Retirement FAQ.