Set Quiz Assessment Options

The quiz Assessment tab contains the settings that dictate how the quiz is graded and how it interacts with the gradebook. It also allows you to set the number of attempts students are allowed to take on the quiz. You can also set multiple attempts and the ability for students to review incorrectly answered questions on each attempt.

Grading options for quiz

  • Automatic Grade
    This setting allows the quiz to be graded automatically as soon as it is completed; students can see their quiz grades immediately after completion and submission, dependent on your submission views. (In this situation, WR questions receive zero points until you manually grade them.)
  • Grade Item
    Choose a grade item from the dropdown list or, if one does not already exist, click the "add grade item" link to create a new one.
  • Auto Export to Grades
    When the quiz is associated with a grade item, you have the option to auto export quiz results to the gradebook; if you have automatic grading selected, then students' grades will be published to the gradebook as soon as the student completes the quiz. (If you do not choose this option, you will have to publish the quiz grades to the gradebook manually.)
  • Attempts Allowed
    You can allow students one or more quiz attempts (up to 10, or an unlimited number) and calculate a grade based on their highest attempt, lowest attempt, first attempt, last attempt, or the average of all attempts. You can also put restrictions on whether students are allowed to take further attempts based on the grades made on the previous attempts.

    Identifies Attempts Allowed and Indicates Grade Calculation

  • Retake Incorrect Questions Only
    If you enable the Retake Incorrect Questions Only option, students will be presented with the questions answered incorrectly on previous attempts when they make a new attempt.
    Click Save and Close when done configuring your attempt settings.

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