Record Directly in D2L Using TechSmith Relay

  1. From the navbar, select Content.
  2. Select the module where you'd like to record a TechSmith Relay video.
  3. From the Add Existing Activities drop-down menu, select TechSmith Relay. 
    Identifies TechSmith RelayYour TechSmith Relay library loads, displaying your available media and the record button.
  4. To begin recording, click the Record button.
    Identifies Record button Learn more about capturing your TechSmith Relay video.
  5. The recorder should open. (If this is your first time recording a video, a popup will appear asking you to download the recorder. Go through the steps of downloading and installing.)
  6. Record your video using this TechSmith Relay tutorial as a guide.
  7. When you are finished recording, your video will show up in your library.
  8. At that point, you can Add the TechSmith Relay Video to Your D2L Course.