Add TechSmith Knowmia Videos to Your D2L Course

All your TechSmith Knowmia videos will be available in your Knowmia library. You can access that library directly through your D2L course.

To Add a TechSmith Knowmia Video to Your Course

  1. Go to the Table of Contents and click on the module where you want to add the video.
  2. Click the Add Existing Activities button and choose TechSmith Knowmia.
    Identifies TechSmith Knowmia
  3. You will see a list of the videos you have created/uploaded. Click the Add Media button next to the video to add the video to your course content.
    Identifies Add Media button
  4. A confirmation message displays asking if you want TechSmith Knowmia to report scores to the D2L gradebook.

    Grade Reporting screen
    • If you click the Yes button, a new confirmation message displays. Click the Okay button.
      Grade Reporting Enabled screen
      TechSmith recommends that you create a gradebook item associated with the video before you release it to students. If you do not, D2L will create a grade item when the first student views the video; however, the grade item is by default not included in the Calculated Final Grade. (Please note, TechSmith updates D2L grade item information every 15 minutes.)
    • If you click the No button, D2L does not create a grade item. If at a later date you associate the media with a grade item, TechSmith does not update D2L and the grade item is not automatically updated. You must delete the media item and upload it again and select the Yes button above.
  5. The video will be added as a link to your content. Once students click on the link title, they will be taken to the video.

NOTE: If you do not use the LTI to embed your Knowmia video and instead include a URL in the HTML editor, your students may have to log in to view the video.

If you would like to record a video directly from D2L, please see Recording Directly in D2L Using TechSmith Knowmia.