Submit a Quiz Stuck "In Progress"

Finding quizzes stuck "in progress"

  1. Click on Course Activities on the navbar and choose Quizzes.
    Displays Quizzes in Course Activites menu
  2. Click the arrow next to the desired quiz and choose Grade.
     Displays Grade option in Quiz context menu
  3. On the Users tab, choose Users with attempts in progress from the "Restrict to" dropdown list.Displays 'Resrict To' dropdown with Users with attempts in progress selected
  4. Click the magnifying glass in the search box above the "Restrict to" setting to apply the filter.

Submitting an attempt for students:

  1. Click the Enter Quiz as User icon beside the quiz attempt in progress.
    Displays Enter quiz as user icon
  2. Click Yes to confirm you wish to enter the quiz as the student.
  3. Go to end of the quiz and click Go to Submit Quiz.
    Displays Go To Submit Quiz button
  4. Click Submit Quiz. This will return to the Grade Quiz page and stop impersonating the user.Displays Submit Quiz button