Create a Quiz

Create a Quiz

  1. Click Course Activities on the navbar, and then select Quizzes.
  2. On the Manage Quizzes page, click the New Quiz button.New Quiz button
  3. Enter a Name.
  4. Optional: Select a Category from the drop-down list if you want to add your quiz to an existing category. (Categories are not required. They have no relation to gradebook categories.) If you haven't set up categories for your quizzes, and you want to, click add category to create and name a new category.
    add category link on Edit Quiz page

Adding Questions

NOTE: It is good practice to create questions in a Question Library, not directly in the quiz. See Use the Question Library  for more details on creating new questions.
  1. Click on the Add/Edit Questions button to add quiz questions.
    Add/Edit Questions button
  2. Click the New button and choose either Section, Question Pool, or a question type. A pop-up screen will appear at the top of the screen stating "Welcome to the new Question Creation Experience!"
    Shows Welcome screen and identifies Leave it on/Turn it off buttonsBy default, the new experience is already turned on. If you want to go forward and see what the new experience looks like, click the Leave it on button. If you'd prefer to keep creating questions and sections the way that you have been in the past, click the Turn it off button.
    Note: The ability to turn the new experience off will no longer be available after Fall 2018 finals. At that point, you will be required to move to the new Question Creation Experience.
    See Create a Quiz with the New Question Creation Experience for further instructions in using the new features. If you choose not to use the new Question Creation Experience, follow the steps below.

Before Adding Any Questions to the Quiz

There are two ways to randomize questions. You will have the option to randomize your questions and sections with one checkbox after you add questions to the quiz. However, If you wish to randomize and deliver a subset of questions, such as 10 questions from Chapter 1, 10 from Chapter 2, etc., read Randomize Quiz Questions before you import any questions.

To Add Questions to the Quiz

  1. To import questions from the Question Library or another quiz, click Import.
  2. Choose from the following selections, Upload a File, Browse Question Library or Import from Learning Repository.
    import options for question library

Upload a File

  1. Select Upload a File.
  2. Click Browse Files or drag and drop the file in the drop zone. This option supports importing ZIP files or CSV files.
     Upload a file dialog box
  3. Once the file has been successfully uploaded, you will see a green checkmark.
    Upload complete confirmation screen
  4. Click Import All or click the Review link, to individually select questions to import.
NOTE:  For individualized help with importing or creating questions, contact your local LSC-Online representative. See Meet Your LSC-Online Representative for contact information.

Browse Question Library

  1. To import from the Question Library select Browse Question Library.  
    Browse Question Library option
  2. In the Source: Question Library drop-down list, select the source where existing questions reside. (This will be a section in the question library, or an existing quiz or survey.)
    Question Library Source Collection options
  3. In the Source Filter drop-down list, choose the Filter by and check the box next to the type of questions you would like to import (e.g., True or False, Multiple Choice, Matching, Short Answer or Multi-Select).
  4. In the Sort drop-down list, select the option you want to sort by.
    Filter options
  5. Select the questions you want to import, then click Add.  

Import from Learning Repository

  1. Select Import from Learning Repository.
    Import from Learning Repository option
  2. Search the online repository for questions to import.
    Search page for Learning Repository
  3. Select a quiz under Category.
  4. Click Select to import to Question Library.
    Select option for search results from Learning Repository    

Randomizing All Questions

You will have the option to randomize your questions and sections with one checkbox after you add questions to the quiz.

  1. Check the box entitled: “Shuffle order of questions at the quiz level.”
    This option also shuffles the order of sections existing at the quiz level but does not shuffle the questions within the sections. Shuffle questions at the quiz level option

Adding Pages to Your Quiz

You can control how many questions are placed on a page for presentation or security purposes; otherwise, the entire quiz displays on the same page.

  1. Click Course Activities on the navbar, then choose Quizzes.
  2. Click the Arrow next to the quiz title and select Edit.
  3. Scroll to the Quiz Questions area, and use one of the following two options; otherwise, the entire quiz displays on the same page.
    • Use the Questions per page field to control how many questions are placed on a page. Click the Save button to view the questions per page.
    • Use the Add page break option (light grey lines and arrows) to organize the questions. Click the gray line where you'd like the page break to occur.
    • Use the Remove page break option (blue lines and arrows) to remove the page breaks.
    • Here is an example of a quiz with three pages.
  4. Click the Save and Close button.

Dates and Restrictions

You must change your quiz status to Active to allow students to see and take a quiz (the default is inactive). Remember to click Save before you change tabs.

You can specify a date or date range that your quiz is available to students and select a Due Date.  If you want the quiz dates to show up on the calendar, click the Display In Calendar check box. 

Date options for quiz

NOTE: If you give the quiz an end date, the end date will display on the calendar. If you give the quiz a start date but no end date, the start date will appear on the calendar.


  • Time Limit: Enter a time limit for your quiz (the default is 120 minutes).
    • You must select "Enforced Time Limit" to enforce the time limit.
    • Grace Period: Enter the number of minutes past the time limit that quizzes can be submitted before a late flag is applied.
      • The minimum grace period is one minute.
      • The default grace period is five minutes.
        Timing options for quiz


Automatic Grade
Allows the quiz to be graded automatically; students can see quiz grade immediately after completion and submission.

Grade Item
Choose a grade item in the gradebook for the quiz or create a new one.

When the quiz is associated with a grade item, you have the option to auto export quiz results to the Grades tool. (If you do not choose this option, you will have to publish the quiz grades to the gradebook manually.) Grading options for quiz

Attempts Allowed
You can allow students one or more quiz attempts (up to 10, or an unlimited number) and calculate a grade based on their highest attempt, lowest attempt, first attempt, last attempt, or the average of all attempts.

To Add the Quiz to Your Content

  1. Click on the module to which you want to add your quiz.
  2. Click the Add Existing Activities button.
    Add Existing Activities menu options
  3. Choose Quizzes.
  4. Choose the specific quiz you want to add.
    List of available quizzes