Automated SmarterProctoring

SmarterProctoring offers an automated proctoring service that is available for all courses. This allows students to schedule an exam and be recorded while they take the exam. The video will then be available for you to review. 

There are some things you should inform your students of before they take exams through SmarterProctoring:

  • Through the Fall 2020 semester, there is no cost to the student for SmarterProctoring.
  • The student cannot take the exam on a mobile device (e.g., an iPad).
  • The student must be using the Chrome browser.
  • The student must have a functioning webcam, microphone, and broadband internet connection.

NOTE: Before setting up your quiz in SmarterProctor, you MUST enter your date and time restrictions AND your password in the D2L quiz. See Apply Quiz Restrictions

To add a SmarterProctoring link to your course:

  1. In your content module, click the Add Existing Activities button, then choose Third-party Integrations.
    Third-party Integrations option on Add Existing Activities menu
  2. Choose SmarterProctoring.
    SmarterProctoring option on Add Activity pop-up window
  3. You will be asked to accept the service's Terms before continuing. Accept all the terms and click the Submit button.
    Indicates Submit button
  4. Fill out the fields as desired. You can view the resources below for more information.
    One important note: you will be asked to input a URL. This must be the exact URL for your quiz.
    Indicates Exam URL field
    To find that URL:
    • Go to Course Activities > Quizzes and click on the name of the quiz. Copy the URL for that page.
      Indicates URL
    • That url will take the following form:
      You will need to edit the bold green pieces and remove the italicized red piece.
    • Your final result should have the following form:
      This is the URL you will enter in to the Exam URL field.

NOTE:  Automated SmarterProctoring currently cannot be used with any third-party integration that takes students outside the D2L environment to test.

Following are some resources for instructors using Automated SmarterProctoring:

Student Information

Students will see a link to SmarterProctoring in the Content area of your course.
SmarterProctering link in student view

Following are some materials you can provide for your students about using Automated SmarterProctoring.