SmarterProctoring is a live, online proctoring service which allows students to schedule exam sessions with a live proctor who will monitor the entire testing session. There is a student fee assessed on a per session basis as outlined in the article Proctoring Options for Online Quizzes.  (If you plan to use this service as a requirement in your course, students should be made aware of this additional cost prior to their enrollment)

To add a SmarterProctoring link to your course:

  1. In your content module, click the Add Existing Activities button, then choose Third-party Integrations.
    Third-party Integrations option on Add Existing Activities menu
  2. Choose SmarterProctoring.
    SmarterProctoring option on Add Activity pop-up window 

Following are some instructional videos for faculty using SmarterProctoring:

Student Information

Students will see a link to SmarterProctoring in the Content area of your course.
SmarterProctering link in student view

Following are some materials you can provide for your students about using SmarterProctoring.