Available with VPI Approval Only

Please fill out the following form and submit to your VPI to request approval: ProctorU Approval Form

ProctorU provides two online proctoring services:

  • ProctorU Review+ provides live proctored ID verification. Once ID has been verified, the student's webcam and screen are recorded for later review by a live proctor. Live proctors will review any instances that are flagged by the system as irregular and will escalate all suspicious behavior to the instructor. This service also retains recordings of each session that the instructor can review.

  • ProctorU Live+ is a live online proctoring service which allows students to schedule exam sessions with a live proctor who will monitor the entire testing session. 

To request to add a ProctorU link to your course, please contact your VPI.

Before you can use the Proctor U services, you will need to create a Proctor U account. To create an account, go to and click on the Sign Up button in the top right corner. Choose "Instructor" and fill out the form to create an account.

To add a ProctorU link to your course:

  1. In your content module, click on Add Existing Activities and choose Third-party Integrations.Identifies Third-party Integrations
  2. Choose ProctorU.  Indicates ProctorU

Bellow, there are some instructional materials for faculty using ProctorU:

NOTE:  You will be asked to enter the URL for your exam. 

To find that URL:

  • Go to Course Activities > Quizzes and click on the name of the quiz. Copy the URL for that page.
    Indicates URL

  • That URL will take the following form:
    You will need to edit the bold green pieces (replacing "admin" with "user" and "newedit_properties" with "summary") and remove the italicized red piece.
  • Your final result should have the following form:
    This is the URL you will enter in to the Exam URL field.

Student Information

Students will see a link to ProctorU in the content area of your course. Shows ProctorU link

Bellow, there are some instructional materials for students using ProctorU: