Detailed Respondus 4.0 Installation

The following instructions are for installing Respondus 4.0
NOTE: Respondus 4.0 only runs on Windows operating systems. If you have a Mac, you can usually find Respondus 4.0 on Faculty lab computers. StudyMate Class can be used on a Mac computer because it operates on the internet. See Add StudyMate Class Projects in D2L.

To access and install Respondus 4.0

  1. Go to Install or Update Respondus 4.0 to download Respondus 4.0.
    [Requires login using your Lone Star College credentials.]
  2. Locate the saved file on your computer :Identifies filename
  3. Double click on the file. If prompted, choose Run.  Choose your preferred setup language. See Install or Update Respondus 4.0 to get the product license and set the Respondus/D2L password.
    Identifies the Run button.
  4. Select "I accept the terms..." and click Next.
    Identifies the accept license agreement option.
  5. On the Destination Location and Projects Folder location prompts, click Next. These are default settings. It is best not to change them.
    Shows the
  6. Click Install.
    Shows the
  7. Choose if you want to install the Respondus Equation Editor by selecting Yes or No.
    Shows install Equation Editor prompt.
    • If you see this error message, click OK and ignore it unless you plan to create math equations in your tests. In that case contact VTAC for help.
      Shows the Equation editor error.
  8. Click Finish.
    Shows the
  9. You will find a shortcut for the program in the Start menu.
    Shows shortcut on desktop.