Upgrading Capture 8 to Capture 9

If you have not already upgraded, you will see a green “Update Available” button displayed at the bottom of the screen when you open Capture 8.

  1. Click Update Available to begin the update.
    Shows the green upgrade button.
  2. Click Download Update.
    Shows Download Update button.
  3. The download begins. Once the download reaches 100% the Install Update button will become available. Click install update to begin the installation.
    Shows download progress indicator.
  4. Capture will advise it’s going to remove the old version. Click OK to proceed.
    Shows alert and button to remove previous version.
  5. Click the Next button to proceed
    Shows Next button
  6. No need to check the box here, leave it unchecked. Click the Next button to proceed…
    Shows the Choose Install Location dialog box.
  7. The installation begins. When the status bar reaches the end, the Next button will become available. Click Next at that time.
    Shows details dialog box.
  8. Capture begins the installation by checking for open programs or windows that may cause conflicts with the installation. Click Install when able. 
    Shows continuation of Install Location dialog box.
  9. Capture may request that certain programs or windows be closed. Click Yes if you see this screen.
    Shows open programs alert.
  10. Capture is not always able to close windows and may prompt you for permission to “kill” some processes. Click Yes if you see this screen.
    Shows kill programs dialog box.
  11. The installation continues…
    Shows Installer progress.
  12. The installation will complete and offer to open Capture for you. If you do not want to open Capture at that time then uncheck the box labeled “Launch Desire2Learn Capture” and click Finish.
    Shows Finish button.


You have successfully completed the upgrade of Capture from version 8 to version 9!