Tracking Reception of Sent Email

Brightspace enables you to determine if a student in your class has read the Brightspace email you sent if you turn on tracking of your sent email. This works for both individual and group emails. You can check to see if students have opened Brightspace emails you have sent, but you must set a checkbox first.

Initial Setting

  1. Go to Communication > Email.
  2. Click on Settings in the top right corner of the email screen.
  3. Select “Track activity for messages sent to internal email addresses” under Email Options.
    Identifiies selection for tracking.

Tracking Sent Email

  1. Send your message(s).
  2. Open any email message sent after this setting has been selected from your Sent Items folder in Brightspace.Shows link to View Recipient Activity.
  3. To the right, just below the date, click “View Recipient Activity.”
  4. There you will be able to see which students have opened the message and the date it was opened.
NOTE: If there are “No items found” then the email has not been opened.