Retrieving a Quiz from Brightspace

Respondus allows for the retrieval of a quiz or question library from Brightspace so that it can be modified in Respondus, published to another course, or archived.

If you have not installed Respondus 4.0 Campuswide see Installing or Updating Respondus Campus Wide & StudyMate Author.

Retrieving a Quiz from Brightspace

Respondus allows the retrieval of quizzes from a Brightspace (by Desire2Learn) course.

  1. To begin, go to the Retrieval tab in Respondus.
    Identifies the Retrieval tab and the Retrieve Questions button.
  2. Select the server. [It may be called D2L, Desire2Learn or Brightspace] Shows the server selector.
    Shows -add new server- option.If there is no server created yet, follow steps A-F. Otherwise, skip this section.
        A. Select -add new server- from the dropdown menu.
        B. Click Next
        C. Do not change any setting, click Next.
        D. Enter a name for the server, your LSC system
             username, and your Respondus password. If this is installed on your computer, not
             used by others, you may check "Save my password."
       E. Click Next.
    Identifies Connection Test Success message.    F. Click Finish.
  3. Click Next to begin the connection to the server.
    If the connection fails, contact VTAC Chat through
    the Support widget in Brightspace or email
  4. Select the Course that contains your questions.
    Shows course list.
  5. Choose the specific quiz, survey, self assessment or question library section you want to retrieve and enter a name for the new Respondus file you are creating.
    Shows Assessment tType options.
  6. Enter a name for the quiz or question library.Shows the name field.
  7. Click the [Next] button.
    NOTE: The retrieval process will take between 15 seconds and several minutes, depending on several factors: the speed of your connection, the load on the server, the size of the media elements that are being retrieved, and so forth.
    You will know that the retrieval is successful by the statement “Completed successfully” that appears in the status box.

When a file is being retrieved, Respondus will detect if media objects are associated with it and will automatically download these objects if they are stored within your Brightspace course. (Respondus does NOT attempt to download media elements if they are stored on a different server (linked).)

NOTE: If Respondus cannot retrieve the questions, check to see if they are located in the quiz in a section (folder). Questions must be at the root level of the quiz to be retrieved by Respondus.
Contact your on-campus Instructional Technologist /Designer for help if you still have trouble. The questions can be previewed, then copied and pasted into a text file and edited for import.

If you created and uploaded math symbols or equations to Brightspace using Respondus, see Respondus 4.0 Guides & Videos to download the full Guide for details.