Installing Brightspace Capture

Go through the following steps to install and set up Brightspace Capture.

Set Up Presenter Access

Login to Brightspace and go to Resources > Capture Central.

  • As soon as you access this page, your presenter access is set up.

Download & Install Brightspace Capture

Capture is a free download.

  1. Click the appropriate link below to download:
  1. Install and launch the Capture recorder.
  2. Input the following URL for the Capture Server:
    Server text boxserver textbox with URL.
  3. Click Log In and leave the drop-down menu set to LSCS LE.
  4. Click Open Login Page.​
  5. Login. (To avoid the MyLonestar timeout, use the Alternate login link below the big yellow login button.)
    Alternate Login

Recording Offline Presentations

  1. Recording an Offline Capture Presentation - Mac
  2. Recording an Offline Capture Presentation - Windows

Publishing a Presentation

Publish a Capture Presentation

Managing Published Presentations and Playlists

Managing Published Capture Presentations and Playlists

More Capture Topics

More Capture Topics