Adding StudyMate Class Projects in Brightspace

This article explains adding a project and grade item in Brighspace. For information on different project types and editing templates and activities, please see the StudyMate Class Instructor Guide on the website.

Adding a StudyMate Class Project

  1. Within the course in Brightspace, navigate to the module where the project is to be located.
  2. Click Add Existing Activities then choose External Learning Tools.
  3. Choose StudyMate Class.
    Image shows location of StudyMate Class LTI link.
  4. Click on the topic you just created to configure it.
    Image shows new StudyMate Class topic in module.
  5. Give the project a Title, such as “Module 1 Review” and choose the configuration you want it to have. Click Save Project Configuration.
    Image shows StudyMate Class project configuration options.
  6. Click on the dropdown menu for the Studymate Item you just configured and choose Edit Title (or simply click on the name “StudyMate Class”) and replace it with a more meaningful name, such as “Module One Review.”

Creating a Grade Item for a StudyMate Class Project

  1. Go to the Settings tab of the StudyMate project.
    Image shows location of Settings tab.
  2. In the grading section, click Enable Grading. Give the grade item a name (this should be a new name, not one that is already in the gradebook). It will be added automatically to the Gradebook.
  3. Choose Numeric Grade and enter the maximum number of points the item is worth.
    Image shows grade item options.

See more Respondus StudyMate Class documentation for instructions on setting up StudyMate Class Projects:

StudyMate Instructor Quickstart Guide 
StudyMate Class Quickstart Guide for Students
or download the StudyMateClass Full User Guide here.