Create a Form Template

Forms provide a structured interface for students to enter information. They have a variety of uses including enabling students to add information to files they upload to their ePortfolios or to capture information about educational experience. 

  1. From the course, click Edit Course on the navbar, then click Forms.
    Image shows location of Forms tool.
  2. Click New Form Template
    identifies New Form Template Button
  3. Enter a Title and (optionally) a Description and click Save.
  4. Enter the fields you wish to have filled out by the user.
    Shows Field options
    • System fields: Automatically populated with information from a user's profile when the user completes the form template.
    • Custom Fields: These fields can be titled as needed, and work with multiple different input types including, but not limited to, Text fields, Radio buttons, Checkboxes, File Upload and more.  Selecting each data type will open further options to select from.
    • Section Header: Acts as a visual page break separation from one part of a form to another.
NOTE: Forms cannot be added to presentations without first being filled out and placed into the My Items area of the ePortfolio. Faculty would have to instruct students on exactly how to add forms and pull them into the presentation.