Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some frequently asked questions from those who are new to teaching online.  If you do not find your question listed below, trying searching for a topic using the search box in the upper right corner of this page.

Q.  Where should I start?

You should start by watching our Welcome to Online Teaching video.  It explains many of the support options available to you.

Then you should complete the required Online Teaching Certification (OTC).  For more answers about the OTC, please read the FAQ at the bottom of that page.

Q.  What are the D2L equivalents to my face-to-face course?

For teacher-student communication, you can email from the classlist, post news announcements on the course homepage, and also utilize a discussion forum for group discussions.

Your syllabus, notes, web links, links to other activities in D2L, and other course files should be added to the Content section.  Use modules and sub-modules to organize your content as you see fit.

For live or recorded lectures, use WebEx or D2L Capture.

Homework assignments are submitted to dropboxes.  Students can only see their own files that are uploaded to a dropbox; they cannot see each other’s files.

You can also create fully online quizzes as well as set up an online gradebook.

Q.  Where can I go for D2L support?

You are already there!  This Virtual Teaching Assistance Center (VTAC) website is a comprehensive knowledge base for D2L subjects as well as our third-party offerings.  If you would like assistance in addition to the site, you can contact the support team by clicking on VTAC Support near the top of the menu on the left.  You have the option to chat online immediately or set up a phone or WebEx appointment.

If you would like in-person assistance, you can meet with one of the on-campus representatives that are available at the main campuses.

Lastly, for after-hours support, please contact the Office of Technology Services (OTS) Service Desk at 866.614.5014.  They are available 24/7.

Q.  My course is about to start.  Is there anything I need to do to prepare my course?

Please check out the Semester Start Checklist for information about activating your course, verifying your roster, and many other common tasks that should be done before your course begins.

Q.  All of my quizzes are in Microsoft Word document (or similar) file formats.  Can I import those files into D2L as quizzes?

While D2L does not directly support importing text documents as quizzes, LSC-Online does offer Respondus Campuswide software that does have that ability.

Q.  Can I require tests to be proctored? 

LSC-Online provides many proctoring options for online quizzes. You can require your students to take a proctored test at a certified testing center, utilize their webcam to record themselves during a test, or use an online proctoring service.  Note: Online proctoring services require students to pay a small fee.

Q.  Is there a way for D2L to check for plagiarism in papers?

Yes, you can enable the Turnitin service on any dropbox in D2L. is an online database that checks for plagiarism on submitted assignments.

Q.  Some of my students do not own personal computers.  What options are available to them?

All of the LSC campuses have computer labs that students are able to use.  Also many local public libraries have computers that can be used free of charge.

Q.  Where can my students get D2L support?

Students can visit the Virtual Learning Assistance Center (VLAC) website at  It offers tips for online learning, technical support, as well as contact information for the OTS Service Desk.

Q.  What tutoring options are available for my online students?

LSC-Online provides the Brainfuse online student tutoring service.  Brainfuse helps students reach their goals by connecting them with qualified eTutors anytime, anywhere.