Create a Quiz

Create a Quiz

  1. Click Assessments on the navbar then choose Quizzes.
  2. On the Manage Quizzes page, click New Quiz.
    Location of New Quiz button
  3. Enter a Name.
  4. Optional: Select a Category from the drop-down list if you want to add your quiz to an existing category. (Categories are not required. They have no relation to gradebook categories.) If you haven't set up categories for your quizzes, and you want to, click add category to create and name a new category.
    Location of add category link

Before Adding Any Questions to the Quiz

There are two ways to randomize questions. You will have the option to randomize your questions and sections with one checkbox after you add questions to the quiz. However, If you wish to randomize and deliver a subset of questions, such as 10 questions from Chapter 1, Chapter 2, etc., read Randomizing Quiz Questions before you import any questions.

Adding Questions

NOTE: Good practice is to create questions in a Question Library, not directly in the quiz. See Using the Question Library for more details on creating new questions.
  1. Click on the Add/Edit Questions button to add quiz questions.
    Shows location of Add/Edit Questions
  2. To import questions from the Question Library or another quiz, click Import.
  3. Choose from the following selections, Upload a File, Browse Existing Questions or Import from Learning Repository. 

Upload a File.

  1. Select Upload a File.
  2. Click Browse Files or drag and drop the file in the drop zone. This option supports importing ZIP files or CSV files.
  3. Once the file has been successfully uploaded, you will see a green checkmark.
  4. Click on Import All or click Review, to individually select questions to import.

Browse Existing Questions

  1. To Import from the Source Collection drop-down list, select Browse Existing Questions. 
  2. In the Source Collection drop-down list, select the source where existing questions reside. (This will be an existing quiz or survey.)
  3. In the Source Section drop-down list, choose the Collection Root or a specific section within the quiz in which existing questions reside.
  4. Select the questions you want to import, then click Save.

Import from Learning Repository

  1. Select Import from Learning Repository. 
  2. Search the online repository for questions to import. 
  3. Select a quiz under Learning Object.
  4. Click "Select" to import to Question Library. 
    Shows a quiz in the Learning Object Repository.   

Randomizing All Questions

You will have the option to randomize your questions and sections with one checkbox after you add questions to the quiz.

  1. Check the box entitled: “Shuffle order of questions at the quiz level”
    This option also shuffles the order of sections existing at the quiz level.Indicates Shuffle order checkbox.

Dates and Restrictions

You must change your quiz status to Active to allow students to see and take a quiz (the default is inactive). Once you change a quiz’s status to active, you should click Save before you change tabs.

You can specify a date or date range that your quiz becomes available to students. D2L now gives you the option to select a Due Date.  If you want the quiz dates to show up on the calendar, click the Display In Calendar check box. 

Indicates the Due Date option.

NOTE: If you give the quiz an end date, the end date will display in the calendar. If you give the quiz a start date but no end date, the start date will appear in the calendar.


  • Time Limit: Enter a time limit for your quiz (the default is 120 minutes).
    • You must select Enforce a time limit to enforce the time limit.
    • Grace Period: Enter the number of minutes past the time limit that quizzes can be submitted before a late flag or penalty is applied.
    • The minimum grace period is one minute.
    • The default grace period is five minutes.
      Image of timing options
  • Late Submissions: Select a late behavior.
    • Quiz is flagged as late, but student can continue working
    • Quiz is flagged as late, and student is prevented from making further changes
    • Quiz is flagged as late, but student can continue working. The quiz will be automatically scored as zero after the time limit.
      Image of late behavior screen
NOTE: You must check Enforce a time limit for the time limit to apply. When using "Quiz is flagged as late, but student can continue working," the quiz will be automatically scored as zero after the time limit. However, you can manually change the auto-grade of 0 if you feel the user deserves a different grade.


Automatic Grade:

Allows the quiz to be graded automatically; students can see quiz grade immediately after completion and submission.

Grade Item:

Choose a grade item in the gradebook for the quiz or create a new one.


When the quiz is associated with a grade item, you have the option to auto export quiz results to the Grades tool. (If you do not choose this option, you will have to manually publish the quiz grades to the gradebook.)Image of grade item screen


Add a rubric to a quiz if you want to evaluate students with a predefined set of criteria. 

Attempts Allowed:

You can allow students one or more quiz attempts (up to 10, or an unlimited number) and calculate a grade based on their highest attempt, lowest attempt, first attempt, last attempt, or average of all attempts. 

To Add the Quiz to Your Content

  1. Click the Add Existing Activities button.
    Indicates the Add Existing Activities button.
  2. Choose Quizzes.
  3. Choose the specific quiz you want to add.
    Shows the specific activity list.