Record Directly in D2L Using TechSmith Relay

  1. From the navbar, select Content.
  2. Select the module where you'd like to record a TechSmith Relay video.
  3. From the Add Existing Activities drop-down menu, select TechSmith Relay. 
    Identifies TechSmith RelayYour TechSmith Relay library loads, displaying your available media and the record button.
  4. To begin recording, click the Record button.
    Identifies Record button Learn more about capturing your TechSmith Relay video.
  5. A confirmation message displays asking if you want TechSmith Relay to report scores to the D2L gradebook.

    Grade Reporting screen
    • If you click the Yes button, a new confirmation message displays. Click the Okay button. D2L creates a grade item; however, the grade item is not manually assigned to a category. Therefore, the grade item will not get calculated into the Final Grade unless you assign it to a category. Please note, TechSmith updates grade item information to D2L every 15 minutes.
      Grade Reporting Enabled screen
    • If you click the No button, D2L does not create a grade item. If at a later date you associate the media with a grade item, TechSmith does not update D2L. You must delete the media item and upload it again and select the Yes button above.
  6. Your media is now linked to your course activity. When a student opens the activity, they will be able to watch the video and complete any quizzes.