Applying Quiz Restrictions

All of the following settings are on the Restrictions tab, within "Edit Quiz" for any quiz.

Dates and Restrictions

Indicates Due Date option

Changing your quiz status to Active allows students to see and take a quiz. You can specify a date your quiz ends or a date range in which your quiz is available to students. You must check Has Start Date and/or Has End Date to be able to enter dates. D2L now gives you the option to enter a Due Date.

These quiz dates can also be added to your course calendar by checking the Display In Calendar checkbox.

Additional Release Conditions

Indicates additional release condition options.

Create new, or attach existing release conditions if you want a quiz to be available to students only after they fulfill other specified tasks. Examples of release conditions include completing a dropbox submission; scoring a specified grade on a particular quiz; completing a survey; and being enrolled in a particular section. If you have more than one condition, select whether all or any must be satisfied. 

You can edit and change release conditions by clicking Remove delete X icon or Remove All Conditions trashcan icon, then adding new conditions.

For more information on creating and applying release conditions, see Brightspace documentation.

Security Options

Displays Respondus lockdown browser options.

There are two security options on the Restrictions tab which are grayed out: "Respondus LockDown Browser: Required to take this quiz" and "Respondus LockDown Browser: Required to view quiz feedback and results." These setting are now located in the LockDown Browser tab located on the Quiz list page.

Optional Advanced Restrictions

Indicates password field and Add IP restriction button.


To access a quiz, students must enter the same Password you input here.

IP Restriction

Students can only access a quiz from the IP address ranges you specify here. Leave fields blank to allow multiple IP address access points. Click on the Add new IP Range button to add an IP address range. You can add multiple IP address ranges.

NOTE: Contact OTS for information on restricting IPs.


Time Limit

Enter a time limit for your quiz and select “Enforce a time limit.” 120 minutes is the default time limit.

Grace Period: Enter the number of minutes past the time limit that quizzes can be submitted before a late flag or penalty is applied.

  • The minimum grace period is one minute.
  • The default grace period is five minutes.

If you select "Enforce a time limit," Late Behavior options appear.

Select a late behavior.

  • Quiz is flagged as late, but student can continue working
  • Quiz is flagged as late, and student is prevented from making further changes
  • Quiz is flagged as late, but student can continue working. Quiz will be automatically scored as zero after the time limit.Indicates Timing options.
NOTE: You must check Enforce a time limit for the time limit to apply when using "Quiz is flagged as late, but student can continue working." Quiz will be automatically scored as zero after the time limit, you can manually change the auto-grade of 0 if you feel the user deserves a different grade.
NOTE: Flagging as late will NOT force them to submit at a certain time.

Special Access

You can search and assign specific students a different set of quiz availability dates and late submission properties. Special access properties enable you to increase the time limit for special-needs students and allow different start and end dates for individual students.


  1. Click Add Users to Special Access to grant special access to a quiz for particular students.
  2. After you finish modifying special access properties and student permissions, use the check box to select which student(s) to give special access to.
  3. Then click Add Special Access.
    Alternatively, you can select Allow only users with special access to see this quiz to prevent other students from accessing the quiz if necessary.