Adding Toolwire Games to Your Brightspace Course

Getting Your Course Set Up with MyLabs

  1. Optional Setup Step - Create a Sandbox for Content Only
    ​This sandbox would act as a master course template, since copying sections that have been integrated with Pearson MyLabs is not recommended.
  2. Send an email to or start a chat using the VTAC-Live Chat tool.
  3. Include a list of the courses, complete with section numbers and terms, in which you wish to use MyLabs.
  4. Copy your sandbox content into your Brightspace course.

Adding Toolwire Games to Your Brightspace Course

  1. From the Content page of your course, click Add a Module under Table of Contents.
    Add Module
  2. Type "Toolwire" then hit the Enter key on your keyboard to create your module.
  3. Click the Toolwire module you just created
    Toolwire Module
  4. Click the Add Existing Activities button, then select External Learning Tools.
    External Learning Tools
  5. On the Add Activity screen, select the appropriate Toolwire ink to add it to your module. Repeat these steps to add additional links.
    Toolwire Activities