Adding a User to a Class (Not a Student)

You can add users to your class using the Add a User to Your Section found in your Brightspace support widget.

  1. Inside the course, go to Support > User Access > Add a User to Your Section.
    Identifies User Access in the Support menu.Identifies the Add a User to a Course form. 

  2. Choose the semester and the section to which you want to add a user.
    Shows course list in the first column.

  3. In the second column, select the access level from the drop-down menu.
    Shows User and Access Selection options.
  • Observer: This role is a student's view of the course. 
  • Advisor: This role has a limited view of student information but no editing ability in the course. Access includes:  
    • Class Progress
    • Classlist
    • Groups
    • Manage Files
    • Quizzes
  • Teaching Assistant: This role can add content and news items to the course. 
  • Faculty: This role can view student submissions, information, and edit and delete content.
  1. Enter the first and last name of the person in the text fields. Click Lookup.
    Shows the search fields and Lookup button.

    • The name of the person should appear, highlighted in blue.
    • If it does not, check to see if the person is already in the Classlist or check the spelling.

  2. Alternatively, you can click the Populate button to choose from a list of faculty teaching the same course on your campus.Shows Populate button.

  3. Click Submit to add the person to the course.
    Shows Submit Selection button.

  4. View the success message.
    Shows Successful submission message.