Adding a File to a Dropbox

Instructors often have supporting documents and files that the students need to complete an assignment. These can be attached to the dropbox. The students will be able to download and save them.

  1. In the dropbox you have already created, scroll down to the area that says Attached Files.
    Location of Add a File button
  2. You will see the options to Add a File, Record Audio, and Record Video.
  3. Click on Add a File.
  4. In the window that opens, either drag and drop your files to the drop zone OR
    • Click on the Upload button.
    • Choose the files that you want to add to the dropbox (you can add as many files as you like).
    • Click Open.
  5. Wait until the files finish loading.
  6. Click the blue Add button in the bottom left of the window.
  7. All of your attached files will now be listed below Attachments. To delete a file, simply click the red ‘X’ beside it.
    Location of X to remove file