Adding a Column in the Gradebook

The Numeric grade item allows you to grade students by assigning a value out of a specified total of points (e.g. 8/10).

  1. Log into Brightspace and access the course where you would like to create the Numeric grade item.
  2. Click Grades in the navbar.
  3. Click Manage Grades.
    location of Manage Grades
  4. On the Manage Grades page, click Item from the New button.
    location of New Item
  5. Click Numeric.
    location of numeric link
  6. Enter a Name for the grade item.
  7. You can enter a Short Name to display in the instructor gradebook.image of new grade item screen
  8. If you want the grade item associated with a category, select a category from the Category dropdown list or click New Category to create a category.
  9. Click Show Description to enter a description of the grade item. If you want the description available to users, select Allow users to view grade item description.
  10. Enter the Maximum Points possible for the grade item.
  11. If your gradebook is using the weighted system, enter the Weight you want the grade item to contribute towards the category (or final grade if the item does not belong to a category).
  12. Check Can Exceed if you want students’ grades to be able to exceed the Maximum Points of the item.
  13. Check Bonus if you want this item to be an extra credit item.
  14. Select a Grade Scheme to associate with the item.
  15. You can click Add Rubric to attach a rubric, or click the Create Rubric in New Window link to create a new rubric.
  16. Click Show Display Options if you want to change how the item displays to yourself or to your students.
  17. Click Save, Save and Close or Save and New.
    Image of new item screen